Argentina: Cerro Aconcagua, Falso Polaco and 360° around

Argentina - South America

Aconcagua, Argentine - Aconcagua
14.12 - 05.01.2020
On an attractive route we circle the highest mountain in America, the 6962 m high Cerro Aconcagua, which captivates mountaineers from all over the world. As one of the Seven Summits, it is technically simple but conditionally comparable to a simple eight-thousander.
We climb via the so-called wrong Polish route to the summit and via the Ruta de los Pioneros, the normal route. Thus, we have the opportunity to admire the mountain from all sides and climb it at the same time on a less visited route. With ascent through the Quebrada de Vacas, over the Plaza Argentina, and descent via Plaza de Mulas by the Quebrada de Horcones we circle the mountain almost 360 °. With our proven program, we grant you the greatest possible summit chance. The journey is designed so that we have enough time to acclimatize on the mountain and get to know the country and its people around Mendoza and Santiago de Chile.

Your benefits at a glance

- Convenient arrival by scheduled flight from Zurich to Santiago de Chile and on to Mendoza
- Longstanding cooperation with the legend Rudy Parra and one of the largest and most prestigious mountaineering agencies in Argentina
- The maximum time of 20 days on the mountain for optimal acclimatization and the greatest possible chance for a successful ascent
- Accommodation in double rooms in Mendoza, Penitentes and Puente del Inca for a good rest
- A tent for two participants in the intermediate, base and high camps, single tent on request and for an extra charge
- We are cooked in the base camps by a proven and highly reliable local team
- state-of-the-art safety equipment such as B. Satellite phone for emergencies is a matter of course
- proven expedition pharmacy with the necessary medicines for any height-related emergencies
- Guided tour by patented professional mountain guide IVBV with federal certificate
- Comprehensive area knowledge of the organizer and the mountain guide
- small groups with individual care
- great experience on the Aconcagua on all routes (Ruta de los Pioneros, Falso Polaco, Pared Sur). This program has been successfully carried out several times and is one of our classics.


Thomas Villars
Certified Mountain Guide IFMGA and Snow Sports Instructor with Federal Certificate of higher vocational Education und Training


CHF 7090.-   (per person / 6 - 10 Participants)

All inclusive except the fee for the ascent of the Aconcagua.

Detailed information on the price can be found in the detailed detailed program for this trip, which we will gladly deliver on request.


Echelle pour la haute montagne
F Facile -  
PD Peu difficile

Experience in summer mountaineering, very good condition, perseverance and team spirit are in demand on this trip. The route on the Aconcagua is entirely without climbing posts and is considered easy. Due to the considerable height, the main difficulties in the conditional requirement and weather-related with an often bitterly cold altitude wind.


Ascent of the Cerro Aconcagua on the route Falso de los Polacos (wrong Poland route), descent via the Ruta de los Pioneros (normal route), 360 ° rounding of the Aconcagua. The following route description is a general information about the approximate course of this trip. The definitive program depends on the weather, the snow and wind conditions as well as the constitution and performance of the participants. These factors also determine the success of this exceptional company.

1st and 2nd day: A scheduled flight will take us from Zurich to Mendoza, the capital of the Argentine province of the same name. The city is located at about 700 meters above sea level and is known for its numerous wineries. We spend the night in the hotel, enjoy the hustle and bustle in the pedestrian area of ​​the city and let us melt a first fine Argentinean steak on the tongue.

Day 3: After picking up your permit for the Aconcagua National Park and shopping for our mountain food, we drive to Punte del Inca, the starting point for our ascent to Aconcagua. In the warehouse of our local partner starts the big packing and packing of the equipment for the next days and weeks. Overnight in a hotel in Puente del Inca or Penitentes.

Day 4: Depart for our Aconcagua Ascension. The luggage is transported to the base camp at the Plaza Argentina with carrier animals. The first stage takes us from Punta de Vacas to about 2350 m in a pleasant hike through the lowest part of the Quebrade del Rio Vacas to Pampa de Leñas at about 2950 m. In the camp itself there is a post of park rangers who control our permit.

Day 5: The second stage brings us to Casa de Piedra at about 3250 meters above sea level. This hike is longer in terms of distance than yesterday, but extremely varied in landscape and offers us the first view of the summit of Aconcagua just before the camp from a beautiful green meadow with natural springs.

Day 6: After breakfast we will have our first cool refreshment: we will cross the Rio Vacas to reach the base camp at Plaza Argentina at 4200 meters above sea level through the steep Quebrada de los Relinchos. For a small tip, the gauchos let you cross the river on the backs of the mules, which saves us the wet and cold feet ... The climb offers beautiful views of the Aconcagua and the Cerro Ameghino.

Day 7: Rest day in the base camp and preparation for the further ascent. In addition, we must all pass the check at the camp doctor, because without his consent, the further ascent is prohibited.

8th day: Acclimatization tour to the Cerro Colorado, approx. 4850 meters, near the base camp. Magnificent views of the east side of Aconcagua and the peaks of Cerro Ameghino, Cerro Ibañez, Cerro Rico and El Castillo. The last three meters to the summit surprise us with a short climbing insert.

Day 9: Material transport to camp 1 at approx. 4900 to 5000 meters above sea level. This day is ideal for further acclimatization and we already know the itinerary and the requirements for the second ascent.

10th day: A last deserved rest day in the base camp gives us the necessary rest for the further ascent and the great efforts of the next days.

Day 11: Climb to camp 1 with our complete equipment needed for further ascent. Unnecessary equipment (such as trekking shoes and unnecessary clothing) goes back to Puente del Inca with the mules and on to the Plaza de Mulas, where they are available to us for the return journey through the Horcones Valley.

Day 12: Material transport to camp 2 (camp 3 of the Guanaco route) at about 5500 meters, behind the pass between Cerro Ameghino and Cerro Aconcagua. Spectacular view of the Glaciar de los Polacos. Descend back to camp 1.

Day 13: Climb to camp 2 via the already known route. The day is relatively short, so we have enough time to recover for the next day's ascent.

Day 14: Today we reach Camp 3 at Plaza Cólera, the starting point for the ascent to the summit. The place is flat and relatively generous, but in the high season always full, as here is the last camp of the normal route. When the weather is nice, the next day we start to the summit!

15th to 19th day: The big day! From our camp at the Plaza Cólera we climb the remaining approximately 1000 vertical meters past the dilapidated hut of Independencia on the Filo de Viento to the notorious gutter channel Canaleta and finally to the 6963 m high north summit. A magnificent view of the surrounding peaks such as the Tupungato, 6570 m and the endless and barren mountain ranges and valleys will compensate for all our hardships. Depending on the weather and the efficiency of our group, after our summit success we descend to the base camp Plaza de Mulas on the normal route or spend the last night at this high altitude. Whenever possible, however, we prefer the direct descent, as each additional stay at the height unnecessarily consumes the forces. Our program also includes two reserve days. We use these depending on the weather, the performance of the participants or due to unforeseen events. This time reserve is valuable and important and gives us the greatest flexibility in terms of the program. These reserve days also increase the chance of a successful summit as the often stormy high winds do not follow the plans of the mountaineers ...

20th and 21st day: Return through the Horconestal to Puente del Inca and back to Mendoza by bus. If we still have some time, we can visit the interesting city with its lively pedestrian zones and pay a visit to a winery, depending on your mood.

22nd and 23rd day: We leave the summery Argentina and fly back to Switzerland.


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