Lyngen Alps: Skitouring north of the polar circle

Norway - Europe

Lyngen Alpen - Lyngen Alps, Norway - skitouring north of the polar circle
11.04 - 21.04.2025
There is hardly a more spectacular combination than ski touring, fjords, northern lights and the sea! That's exactly what awaits you on our ski touring trip to the Lyngen Alps, some 350 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle in northern Norway.
Ski tours around Tromsø offer unique, almost arctic nature experiences! On every tour, we enjoy the view of the deep blue sea and the spectacular view of the fjords, which is unusual for us Alpine dwellers. The mountains are comparable to our own Alps and range from gentle slopes to steep descents and wild, rocky peaks to large glaciers. Most of the tours start at sea level on the coast and take us to the various ski touring regions and islands around Tromsø. With a bit of luck, we may also see the famous aurora borealis, the northern lights. In any case, the low sun, the long days and the Arctic atmosphere will captivate and inspire us!

Your advantages at a glance:

- Arrival with scheduled flight via Oslo to Tromsø
- 8 day ski tours with a light day pack in the fascinating landscape of northern Norway
- Northern Lights (Aurora borealis), fjords and sea
- 2 traditional accommodations (rorbu, Norwegian for fisherman's hut) in the most beautiful ski touring areas of the Lyngen Alps and around Tromsø
- Comfortable local travel by hire bus and ferry
- Guided tour by a patented professional mountain guide IFMGA with a federal licence
- Excellent knowledge of the area and many years of experience and local knowledge of the mountain guide
- Possibility to take individual rest days at any time


Thomas Villars
Certified Mountain Guide IFMGA and Snow Sports Instructor with Federal Certificate of higher vocational Education und Training


CHF 3099.-   (per person / 5 - 6 Participants)

Included are all transfers in Norway by rental bus, 10 nights in double or multi-bed rooms, 9 days full board, tour guidance by patented Swiss professional mountain guide IFMGA.

Not included are the scheduled flight from Zurich via Oslo to Tromsø incl. all taxes (as of March 2024 approx. CHF 750.00/person), cancellation insurance, any entrance fees, individual excursions on site, individual consumptions on the way there and back, dinner in Oslo and all alcoholic beverages. Additional costs due to unforeseen events such as flight schedule changes etc. will be borne by the participants.

Early registration is generally recommended, simply because of the availability of flights and the more favourable flight price.


Requirements condition with skis on the way
Very good physical condition  
Ski touring scale
PD -  

A conscientious preparation and a good basic knowledge in ski touring including mastering the hairpin are natural. moreover

- good condition for climbs between 4 to 5 hours with a light daypack
- good alpine skier, mastering the parallel swing even in difficult snow conditions in the field up to 35 ° steepness
- Desire to discover an unknown country and foreign customs and traditions
- Desire to spend free time together with other ski tour enthusiasts in the Rorbu


11-day ski touring trip to the most rewarding summit destinations in the Lyngen Alps in northern Norway

Possible summit targets: Fastdalstinden, 1275 m, Tafeltinden, 1395 m, Rørnestinden, 1041 m, Steinfjellet, 1120 m, Storgalten, 1219 m, Tromsdalstinden, 1238 m, Skitntinden, 1042 m, Storsteinnestinden, 1017 m, and others

Planned travel programme:

1st and 2nd day: Meeting point according to the flight schedule at Zurich airport, flight to Oslo and overnight stay at the airport. Flight to Tromsø, pick up of our rental car, shopping and drive to Lyngseidet to our accommodation directly by the sea and the Lyngenfjord.

Day 3: On our first ski tour we visit the Stetinden, 920 m. A great ski tour with mostly good snow conditions and a fantastic view of the fjord.
920 m altitude difference, ascent time about 3 hours.

4th day: Ascent of one of the most famous tour destinations in Lyngen, the Storgalten, 1219 m. Wonderful view to the sea in the north and enjoyable descent.
1210 m altitude difference, ascent time about 4 hours.

5th day: Not far from Lyngseidet we climb to Fastdalstinden, 1275 m. Wonderful view of the northern half of the Lyngen Peninsula.
1230 m altitude difference, ascent time about 4 hours.

Day 6: Nordmannviktinden, 1355 m, the highest and most prominent peak of the Kåfjord Alps, is our destination today. An incredible view to the west and east and a spectacular descent will inspire us.
1400 m altitude difference, ascent time approx. 4 1/2 to 5 hours.

Day 7: Spectacular ski tour to the most beautiful of all ski tour peaks on the Lyngen Peninsula, the Tafeltinden, 1395 m. The long tour compensates with a great view in all directions and an impressive glacier landscape.
1350 m altitude difference, ascent time about 4 1/2 hours.

Day 8: Today we have the popular peak Rørnestinden, 1041 m, on our programme. Impressive view and great descent back to Lyngseidet.
1000 m altitude difference, ascent time approx. 3 hours.

Day 9: Today we climb Tromsø's local mountain, Tromsdalstinden, 1238 m. The spectacular view of Tromsø and a great descent are included! Continue to Kvaløya to our quiet and fantastic accommodation by the Kattfjorden.
1200 m altitude difference, ascent time approx. 4 hours.

Day 10: Visit to the most beautiful tour peak in Kattfjordeidet, Skitntinden, 1042 m. Impressive view from the summit.
900 m altitude difference, ascent time approx. 3 hours.

Day 11: Drive from Lauklineset to Tromsø to the airport, return of the rental car, flight to Zurich with arrival in the early evening.


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