Trekking to Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, Safari

Tanzania, United Republic Of - Africa

Kilimandjaro, Tanzania - Kilimanjaro
09.01 - 26.01.2020
Although almost 6000 meters high, Mount Kilimanjaro has the least alpine requirements of the highest peaks of all continents. It has become very popular in recent years as well as for ambitious mountain hikers achievable destination in the midst of a fascinating landscape. With his (still) white crater rim over the African jungle, he enchanted mountaineers since he was "discovered" more than 150 years ago.
This trek will take you to one of the most popular and impressive trekking mountains in the world, the 5895 m high Kilimanjaro. Up to its summit you walk through six vegetation zones. In good weather, Africa is at your feet. Already the Mount Meru, 4566 m, offers everything that makes a trekking in Africa so fascinating. In addition, this "tour" promotes the acclimatization considerably, the ideal condition for a subsequent successful Kilimanjaro ascent. Benefit from our many years of experience in Tanzania with 100% summit success!

Your advantages in participating in our trip at a glance:

- Arrival by scheduled flight from Zurich to Kilimanjaro International Airport
- Long-standing cooperation with one of the largest and most renowned travel agencies in Tanzania
- Climb Kilimanjaro on the varied and beautiful Machame route
- five nights in double rooms in our luxurious 5-star lodge DikDik
- Two nights at the Plantation Lodge and one night at the exclusive Kikoti camp during our safari
- a tent for two participants during the ascent of Kilimanjaro
- own biological toilet and own lounge in the camps at Kilimanjaro
- Proven and highly reliable local team with own chef and personal carriers
- state-of-the-art safety equipment such as Satellite phone for emergencies is a matter of course
- proven expedition pharmacy with the necessary medicines for any height-related emergencies
- Guided tour by certified mountain guide IFMGA with federal certificate and many years of experience in high altitude mountaineering
- Comprehensive area knowledge of the organizer and the mountain guide, proven and proven travel program
- small groups with individual care
- To date, 100 percent summit success at Kilimanjaro, all about 90 participants were on the Uhuru Peak, the highest point in Africa!


Thomas Villars
Certified Mountain Guide IFMGA and Snow Sports Instructor with Federal Certificate of higher vocational Education und Training

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CHF 7990.-   (per person / 8 - 12 Participants)

All inclusive.


Echelle pour la haute montagne
F Facile -  
PD Peu difficile
Very good

Very good physics, joy of traveling in a foreign culture, the will to experience something special. No alpine skills are required.


Mount Meru, 4566 m, Kilimanjaro, 5895 m over the Machame Route, Safari in the National Parks Manyara, Tarangire and Ngorongoro.

The following travelogue is a general information about the approximate course of this trip, the definitive program depends on the weather, the conditions on the mountain and the constitution and performance of the participants. These factors also determine the success of this exceptional company.

Day 1: Arrival from the place of residence to the meeting point in Zurich-Kloten Airport and flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania. Drive to Arusha to our 5-star lodge DikDik.

2nd day: Relaxing by the pool and in the large garden of our lodge. On a short hike through the estate we discover the varied flora of Africa. With a bit of luck, we can get a first glimpse of Mount Meru and Kilimanjaro from the observation tower. Preparation of the trekking tour, deposit of unneeded material at the lodge.

Day 3: Jeeps drive into the Arusha National Park to the Momella entrance at 1500 m where the climb to Mount Meru begins. Climb over the savannah and through the magnificent rainforest to the Miriakamba hut at 2500 m. After crossing the Gürtelurwald, the view of Mount Meru becomes clear for the first time. On the east side we can clearly see the crater rim blasted out by an eruption.

Day 4: Through the beautiful rainforest we continue our next destination, the saddle hut at 3500 m. The steep ascent leads through the most varied vegetation stages, from tropical rainforest to bamboo forest up to the open bush area. Through this exciting volcanic landscape we reach the saddle, from where we climb from the Little Meru, 3801 m.

5th day: During the night we cross the uppermost part of the jungle-like mountain forest before we reach the actual crater rim. Following this, we arrive in bare, almost moon-like surroundings to the summit of Mount Meru, 4566 m. The view ranges from the impressive crater landscape at our feet over the vast savannahs of East Africa to the snow-capped Kilimanjaro. After a long rest we descend to the Miriakamba hut.

Day 6: Last descent to Momella and game drive through the park, past the Momela Lakes back to our lodge. Day 7: Merited day of rest with relaxing by the pool and in the large garden of our lodge. Preparation of the trekking tour on Kilimanjaro.

Day 7: Merited day of rest with relaxing by the pool and in the large garden of our lodge. Preparation of the trekking tour on Kilimanjaro.

8th to 13th day: Exceeding the Kilimanjaro on the Machame route takes place in the "expedition style" and lasts six days. We stay exclusively in tents. Local porters accompany us all the way and carry the cooking utensils, food and personal luggage. We only carry a small daypack. The adventurous route leads through primeval rainforest, which produces a distinctive, tropical vegetation. The fauna is still largely intact on this pristine jungle path. Above the Shira plateau, a charming high steppe is spreading. The path leads, in constant ups and downs, through a very varied, rugged landscape. Wonderfully the countless giant siences stand out against the white-luminescent silhouette of Kilimanjaro. Over the slopes covered with volcanic ash, through rock labyrinths and finally over the snow-covered peak cap, we climb steadily and in countless serpentines towards the crater rim. Following this, we reach in the midst of the magnificent volcanic landscape the Uhuru Peak, with 5895 m the roof of Africa. We stand on the highest point of the African continent! At Stella Point, 5755 m, the Mweka route leads down to the valley. This vegetation-rich descent is one of the most beautiful routes on the Kibo and accordingly varied. At the Mweka camp, 3100 m, we build our last camp on the mountain and enjoy once again the fantastic view of the Kibo with its huge southern glaciers. After descending from the Mweka camp return to our lodge.

Day 14: Departure for our safari in the huge animal reserves and national parks of Tanzania, where a piece of the originality of East Africa is preserved. The prelude is a safari in Lake Manyara National Park. With 350 square kilometers one of the smallest, it impresses above all by the variety of its vegetation forms: grass savanna and Thorn bush thickets, swamp and reed areas, dense forest, in which elephant herds live. The crashes of the Rift Valley are as impressive in Manyara as they are usually only in a few places in Kenya. The western slopes of the East African trench tower steeply beyond the plateau. A curiosity of a very special kind are the tree lions. To avoid the heat, they climb trees and spend the glowing midday hours in shadowy heights. However, this untypical way of life can only be admired if you have a trained eye and a knowledgeable local guide. Overnight at the luxurious Plantation Lodge.

Day 15: Today we visit the Ngorongoro National Park. The Ngorongoro Crater is part of a 5600 sq km national park. Its caldera covers an area of ​​about 260 square kilometers and is one of the largest in the world. The protected wooded crater floor provides habitat for wildebeests, warthogs, buffalos, zebras, lions, cheetahs, hyenas and rhinos, which are much easier to find here than in the other reserves. Flocks of flamingos populate the crater lake, and elephants are at home in the forests. The surroundings of the Ngorongoro Crater are characterized by volcanic cones, some of which reach a height of over 3000 m. One of them is Ol Doinyo Lengai, who is holy to the Maasai. Overnight at the Plantation Lodge.

Day 16: The Tarangire National Park once again offers us a great sightseeing trip right into the realm of animals. Here are especially many antelope species at home, but also zebras, nasopheles and elephants. And at Lake Serevi we can see many species of birds. Overnight at the exclusive Kikoti Safari Camp.

Day 17: Return through the Tarangire National Park to Dik Dik for a final fine dinner. In the evening drive to Kilimanjaro International Airport and depart for Switzerland.

Day 18: Arrival in Zurich-Kloten during the later morning. Individual return back home.

Take a look at our Kilimanjaro booklet (in German).


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