Bifertenstock, 3419 m: by the famous Bänderweg

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Bifertenstock / Piz Durschin, 3419 m - Bifertenstock / Piz Durschin, 3419 m, by the so called Bänderweg
15.06 - 24.08.2024
The Bifertenstock or Piz Durschin is with 3419 m the second highest Glarus summit. His ascent via the impressive and extremely airy Beltweg is a mountain experience of the extra class.
The Bänderweg (Beltway) on the Bifertenstock is unparalleled. If you stand at the beginning of the volume at the first kettle, it takes a moment to capture the dimensions. Once on the exposed and in some places very airy ribbon way the view falls over steep limestone plains directly into the wild Val Frisal and almost takes your breath away. The last few meters over a steep snowfield and secured with a chain and pins plate leads to the east ridge. On the summit we will be rewarded with a magnificent view of the Tödi, the Selbsanft and in the distance all the famous peaks of the Alpine arc.

Your advantages at a glance:

- most beautiful mountain view between Grisons Oberland and Glarus
- airy climbing through two wild cauldrons across the famous Bänderweg
- maximum 2 guests for optimal care and maximum security
- cozy and newly extended Bifertenhütte
- in Grisons we are at home, here we know each other!

This tour can be booked as a private tour on any date!


Thomas Villars
Certified Mountain Guide IFMGA and Snow Sports Instructor with Federal Certificate of higher vocational Education und Training


CHF 1299.-   (per person / 1 Participants)
CHF 666.-   (per person / 2 Participants)

Including guide fare and guide fees.
Exclusive overnight stay, half board and transport costs.

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Mountain and high alpine touring scale
PD Peu difficile
Requirements Physical condition on foot
Very good physical condition  

Experience in mountaineering, good condition, climbing experience in the 2./3. Level of difficulty in the ascent, sure-footedness, no vertigo.


Ascent of the Bifertenstock or Piz Durschin, 3419 m, from the Bifertenhütte over the famous Bänderweg.

Saturday: Meeting point at 13.10 at the train station in Tavanasa. Joint ride via Brigels to the parking lot at Alp Quader, at 1906 m. Climb over the good hut path over Cuolm da Rubi and at the foot of Piz d'Artgas over to the newly extended Biferten hut, 2481 m. Dinner and meeting of the tour. Ascent time approx. 2 1/2 hours.

Sunday: Ascent under the Kistenstöckli over to Limmerenpass, 2611 m. Following lanes, we reach the entrance of the Bänderweg at the first cauldron at about 2980 m. Secured on a short rope, we take the first steps over the airy band to the gap on the east ridge at 3063 m. Continue over partly loose gravel we reach the second cauldron. This offers right at the beginning of a secured with bolts traverse and some other climbing points that must be handled with the necessary care and concentration. At the end of the belt trail leads us to the snowfield under Ostgrat. Over the steep snowfield and the secured with a chain plate we reach the ridge. About the two Vorgipfel at 3367 m and 3351 m we reach the summit of Bifertenstock or Piz Durschin, 3419 m, with the striking summit cross. What a panoramic view! Descent on the same route back to Bifertenhütte, where we can toast the summit success. We descend to Alp Quader and return to Tavanasa, where we arrive later in the afternoon. Ascent time approx. 5 hours, total walking time approx. 10 to 11 hours.


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